Focused ion beam FIB detection

In 2018, the failure analysis technology sharing event, Yizhun Technology has been supported and encouraged by peers in the semiconductor industry since its establishment in Beijing in 2012. In the past 6 years, there have been praises, praises, stumbling blocks, and shortcomings; thank you All-time tolerance and support, feedback and opinions among our peers are the major driving forces for our progress,

We have also been striving to absorb fresh knowledge in the semiconductor industry, keep up with the industry trends, improve the company's equipment and technical requirements, and do our utmost to meet the experimental standards.

Focusing on the ion beam FIB equipment testing laboratory, Yizhun Technology hereby launches a discount activity in mid-2018 to reward new and old customers for their support.

Common items for failure analysis

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FIB testing service has arrived to install a FEI's most advanced model of dual-beam FIB, serving the Beijing market, and will have the ability to repair 45nm lines.

Helios NanoLab is currently the most powerful field emission scanning (FESEM) + focused ion beam (FIB) "dual beam" microscope system, and is a cutting-edge tool for FESEM / FIB applications:
-Unmatched imaging performance
-2D and 3D nanoanalysis
-Advanced Nano Prototyping
-The ultimate sample preparation performance technical parameters:
1. Resolution At the optimal working distance:
0.9nm @ 15kV
1.4nm @ 1kV
At the working distance of the beam intersection (electron beam + ion beam):
1.0nm @ 15kV, working distance of beam intersection 4mm
5nm FIB @ 30kV, working distance of beam intersection is 16.5mm
2. Acceleration voltage range:
SEM: 30kV to 350V
FIB: 30kV to 500V
3. Detector:
Next-generation TLD secondary electron / backscattered electron detector Infrared CCD in sample chamber
Optional CDEM ion detector, STEM, solid backscatter detector, etc.
4. Gas injection system (GIS):
Pt deposition gas W deposition gas C deposition gas metal-enhanced etching gas oxide-enhanced etching gas (FEI currently provides up to 11 gases)
5.150mm (6 ") piezoelectric ceramic motor driven full-center sample stage focused ion beam FIB equipment test laboratory main features:
1. Schottky FESEM achieves sub-nanometer resolution for the first time
2. Excellent resolution of FIB and maximum range of beam current and accelerating voltage
3. Excellent imaging quality and system stability
4. Newly integrated electron and ion beam 16-bit digital pattern generator
5. The thinnest sample preparation, very low sample damage, high speed, and easy operation
6. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional nanocharacterization and nanoprototyping have reached new limits

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'Focused ion beam FIB detection

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