Fiberglass Marine Partially Enclosed Lifeboat Free Fall Life Boat with Solas Approval for 22-130 Persoin

Model NO.: WT0201105
Certificate: CCS , Ec, Gl, Dnv,Lr, etc.
Capacity: 22-130p
Lenth: 5.0-11.9m
Material,: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic
Transport Package: Export Standard Package
Specification: As per request
Origin: China
HS Code: 8906901000
Fiberglass Marine Enclosed Lifeboat Free Fall Life Boat with SOLAS Approval for 22-130 Persoin

Our lifeboats are designed to meet SOLAS 1974 and its amendments and international Life-Saving Appliance(LSA) Code. Materials and components of lifeboats are not only approved by Classification Societies, but also go through a rigid series of comparisons, tests, and inspections.
We offer kinds of lifeboats with the capacity from 6 to 150 persons. And we will develop more capacity lifeboat to meet the requirement of international marine, with the certificates according to the customers' requirement.
Name Type Capacity Certificate
Lifeboat Totally enclosed Free fall lifeboat 16~40person CCS,BV,ABS,DNV,RINA,RMRS
Totally enclosed lifeboat 22~130person CCS,BV,ABS,DNV,RINA
Partial enclosed lifeboat 45~150person CCS
Open type lifeboat 15~80 person CCS,BV,
Rescue Boat Fast rescue boat 6~16person CCS,BV,DNV,ABS,RINA etc
Remark: both common type and fire proof type lifeboat are available

*light weight,
*high strength,
*corrosion resistance,
*smooth surface,
*simple manufacture and maintenance,
*convenient maintenance and high durability
*Classification Society: CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, RINA, LR, RMRS, etc.
*NDT reports
*Official certificates
Tanker version
Dimension Capacity Hook Distance Weight
Unloaded Full loaded
5.00*2.20*3.00m 25P 4.60m 2400.00kg 4462.50kg
5.90*2.30*3.10m 32P 5.50m 2900.00kg 5540.00kg
5.80*2.70*3.10m 45P 5.40m 3000.00kg 6712.50kg
7.50*2.86*3.20m 66P 7.10m 3500.00kg 8945.00kg
8.00*2.76*3.10m 60P 6.80m 3550.00kg 8500.00kg
8.50*3.30*3.30m 90P 8.00m 4700.00kg 12125.00kg
8.50*3.06*3.30m 72P 8.02m 4700.00kg 10640.00kg
9.30*3.30*3.20m 86P 8.54m 4600.00kg 11695.00kg
9.50*3.60*3.40m 120P 9.00m 6000.00kg 15900.00kg
11.95*3.90*3.50m 150P 11.30m 8000.00kg 20375.00kg
Dry Cargo version
Dimension Capacity Hook Distance Weight
Unloaded Full Loaded
5.00*2.20*3.00m 25P 4.60m 2130.00kg 4192.50kg
5.90*2.30*3.10m 32P 5.50m 2625.00kg 5256.00kg
5.80*2.70*3.10m 45P 5.40m 2720.00kg 6432.50kg
7.50*2.86*3.20m 66P 7.10m 3220.00kg 8665.00kg
8.00*2.76*3.10m 60P 6.80m 3240.00kg 8190.00kg
8.50*3.30*3.30m 90P 8.00m 4400.00kg 11825.00kg
8.50*3.06*3.30m 72P 8.02m 4400.00kg 10340.00kg
9.30*3.30*3.20m 86P 8.54m 4290.00kg 11385.00kg
9.50*3.60*3.40m 120P 9.00m 5620.00kg 15520.00kg
11.95*3.90*3.50m 150P 11.30m 7400.00kg 19775.00kg

Quality Assurance and Service
1. Have a complete rigorous management, production and inspection processes to control the quality and avoid detail mistake
2. Design and produce ability
3. Rigorous inspection including incoming inspection, flaw detection etc., and double check is a must.
4. Advanced factory facility ensure
5. Response to any inquiry within 24 HRS with design or efficient solution from our engineer or tech supporter.
6. Provide professional customization service according to client's requirements
7. on time delivery, as we have rigorous production schedule and profession follow-up process
8. Moderate price and professional service

If you have any comment or inquiry, please feel free to contact us for more details
Ms Kate
Tel: +86-756-8169003
Phone: +86-13923317268
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