February 17, 2017 Man-made board price quotes

China board trading network news:

With the end of the Spring Festival, various industries have gradually entered the state of start-up, but due to the relatively lagged effects of the home improvement market, the construction of wood-based panel companies has been relatively slow. Although some companies have started construction, there are no actual orders, and the workers in the stores are only Cleaning up, sorting warehouses, most of the bosses are drinking tea and chatting. Businesses reflect that the current market is still in business just after the opening of the market, and the market is expected to be March.

However, although the overall market for wood-based panels did not show a good market, reporters found that there are still small-volume shipments in the wood-based panel market. This is mainly due to the fact that some consumers started out of the new year for housing modifications and The renovation needs of the opening of the store will personally drive the pickup truck to the wood-based panel market. Therefore, there are still a few shipments of plywood, veneer, and wood lines. At the present stage, the market price of 9 plywood in Guangdong is 70 yuan per piece, and the price of 3 PCT maple wood veneer is 63 yuan per piece.

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