Ezhou City Economic Commission cultivates strategic emerging industries such as diamond tools

After the Ezhou Economic Work Conference, the Ezhou Economic Commission organized and implemented the main spirit of the conference in a timely manner, and made specific arrangements for how to promote the transformation of development methods and vigorously cultivate strategic emerging industries.
The Municipal Economic Commission has determined that the overall requirements for the industrial economy in 2010 are: to achieve “guarantee of production projects, to ensure the operation of production projects, and to ensure the efficiency of operating enterprises” to ensure that the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size will increase by 23.5% and achieve a 26% increase in sales revenue. The investment in technological transformation increased by 20%, the number of industrial enterprises reached 500, and the number of enterprises with 100 million yuan exceeded 100. To ensure this goal, the Municipal Economic Commission has strengthened three measures in vigorously cultivating strategic emerging industries:
The first is to formulate development plans to guide the development of the industry. On the basis of in-depth research, we will conscientiously do a good job in the industrial development plan for the 12th Five-Year Plan. The second is to accelerate scientific and technological progress and enhance industrial competitiveness. Establish technical cooperation platforms and benefit-sharing mechanisms for colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises, establish post-doctoral research stations, and carry out "production, study and research" activities in depth to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity. Promote the enterprise informationization work, support the construction of enterprise technology research and development centers, and enhance the independent technological innovation capability of enterprises. Guide industrial clusters such as diamond tools, biomedicine, and deep processing of steel to establish innovative mechanisms for technical cooperation and resource sharing. Accelerate the development of new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment and new products, improve the technical content and added value of products, enhance the internal structure of the industry and the product structure of enterprises, and enhance the ability to withstand market risks. The third is to develop a low-carbon economy and build a "two-oriented society." Based on the construction of the “Qingyang E” national-level circular economy pilot zone and the Ezhou Development Zone provincial-level circular economy pilot zone, actively strive for national and provincial policy support for the development of low-carbon economy, and vigorously develop low-carbon such as information industry and environmental protection machinery. Industry, transforming the way of economic development. Accelerate the introduction and construction of projects such as Tianpu Solar and Huangming Solar, vigorously develop new renewable energy sources, and take the lead in making breakthroughs in the development of low-carbon energy. Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources, promote resource conservation and recycling in accordance with the principles of reduction, reuse, and resource utilization, and promote the sustainable development of industrial economy.

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