Electric vehicle mobile charging station Mobi Charger comes out

Electric vehicle mobile charging station Mobi Charger comes out

On December 26, Ecomento, a news website for electric and hybrid cars, reported that start-up FreeWire launched a move to Mobi Charger for electric vehicles.

At present, the society has not yet agreed to charge electric vehicles in the workplace. For instance, when you have started work and the electric car is being charged outside, can you tell the owner that he wants to disconnect the car from charging power and move the car to another parking space? How do other people know that you don't need a charger now?

If someone parks a petrol car in front of the charging station, then he goes straight away until he comes back from work. How should the owners of environmentally-conscious electric vehicles respond?

FreeWire seems to find a solution for EV owners. Mobi Charger uses a second-hand Nissan Leaf electric vehicle battery pack. The battery packs are all in one cart. The cart looks like a hand-push refrigerator. Currently, the device is capable of 240-volt secondary charging with a capacity of 10 kWh.

FreeWire plans to increase the capacity of each Mobi Charger charging trolley to 48 kWh and provide multiple charging methods, such as support for CHAdeMO and CCS charging standards.

The company pays FreeWire a monthly fee and FreeWire can provide mobile charging services to their employees. Each Mobi Charger can charge 5 cars, and charging time is in the evening, so you can avoid high electricity bills.

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