Do kitchens need ceilings?

Does the kitchen and bathroom need ceilings? I believe that many owners will take this issue into consideration. In the end, it is only necessary to paint and decorate the ceiling. So, today Xiaobian gives everyone a talk about whether kitchen ceilings are necessary.

The ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom will inevitably be eroded by water vapor. Failure to do a good job of protection will cause problems for future use. The simplest solution is to apply a latex paint with waterproof function. In the matter, the moisture protection work in the home is very important, but the appearance is very unattractive when the simple latex paint protection, the kitchen bathroom ceiling can not only make up for the space through the hole regret, but also a good space for improvement The beautiful appearance can also cleverly hide the various lines we need daily on the ceiling.

General kitchen and bathroom ceiling protection, to do waterproof fire and moisture, in the selection of decoration materials should pay special attention to the more common choice is the aluminum buckle board, basically can do three defenses, and will not appear discoloration The deformed condition will not appear difficult to clean and will not easily contaminate dirt and soot.

In addition, when the ceiling is suspended, we must also pay attention to the measurement of proportions. Do not control the drill too deeply. The ceiling is now separated from the wall above the wall. If the hole is accidentally perforated, a depth of three centimeters is recommended. When choosing ceiling materials, we must also choose a professional and professional brand to ensure construction quality. After all, ceilings involve our safety, but quality is not enough to make the chandelier out of the sky, threatening our personal safety, so we must pay special attention to safety. quality.

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Kitchen and ceiling

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