Decoration process 10 bad luck feng shui home improvement owners must see

For modern people, the most talked about seems to always be the problem of the house. Not only will it cost us most of our energy, but it will be our life's business. Having a house is a good thing. Therefore, the house bought everything except investment is a lifetime. Experts revealed that “some feng shui should be noticed during the renovation process. Although the science is concerned, some things have to be believed”. Therefore, home improvement owners must take a serious look at the 10 bad luck feng shui in the decoration process.

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1, too many mirrors at home

The mirror is very chilly and easy to betray in Feng Shui. If too many mirrors are in the home, it will cause the couple to spend money. This means that the couple is extravagant and very flashy. Expenditure will exceed their income, and over time the home economy may become worse and worse.

2. The doorpost is bent or broken

The post is the four pillars of the door. The door leaf is the door itself. The post or the door leaf is even a bit crooked or broken. It means that the god of wealth does not come in, but the poor God comes in instead.

3, stove or rice cooker rupture

Some people are too lazy to lose the stove or the rice cooker, but in Feng Shui, it will hurt you to never turn over, and the God of Wealth will not find you.

4, bedside embedded mirror, provoke ghosts

The owner often suffers from headaches and insomnia. Romantic principles and feng shui must not be influenced by health because of romance. Many young people have changed their home renovations. I do not know that everything is in order, and I feel bad about it.

5, the bed is too close to the window

Empty and empty, not down to earth, affecting the development of the cause. Modern metropolises often have a building in front of the building, a building behind the building, and a building on the side of the building. The bed is too close to the window, making the bedroom incapable of maintaining its privacy; in addition, as the city becomes more and more complicated, the annoying noise will Passing through this not-so-thick glass window will affect your sleep; the “window and dream” statement is also fulfilled in my practice. According to records in previous Fengshui books, bedside is too close to the window, easily lead to "red apricot out of the wall", there is this one.

6, bedroom furniture avoid uneven use

The unevenness represents disharmony, and the long lived life is prone to incidents.

7, messy bed and underground will affect the owner's luck

In life, many people do not understand the reason that cleanliness can bring people good luck. In fact, feng shui is not as complicated as everyone thinks. It is on your side. It is not like some people intentionally demystify it and bring it to heaven. It does not mean that some people do not understand feng shui at all, but they say that they are superstitious and have stepped underground. Feng Shui is on your side, everywhere, simple and easy to understand. Everyone knows that a messy person can't do the same thing, so pick up your environment and give yourself a good mood. Good luck naturally comes.

8, the living room is in the middle of the house, can make Jiayun Changlong

The living room is located in the middle of the house, and if the living room or the living room is located in the middle of the entire house, it is a kind of lucky elephant, which can make the family run smoothly.

9, cross beam pressure top, will affect health

Cross beam pressure top, affecting emotions and health beams avoid the pressure on the bed, desk and table top, can not be avoided, but also design the ceiling, to block it, otherwise it will affect the emotional and health of residents, business operations will also be blocked .

10, flowers and suitable for the living room is not suitable for the bedroom

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