Decoration inspection need to pay attention to details

There are indeed many places to pay attention to the acceptance of the house. At present, the inspection and acceptance of home improvement projects are based on the Beijing Quality Standard for Acceptance of Home Improvements. The decoration company should perform quality inspections in accordance with this minimum standard. The formal decoration company will strictly follow this standard, but some issues should pay special attention.

Hydroelectricity inspection should be carefully

Hydroelectricity inspection is the most important item for acceptance. The owner can request the decoration company to conduct the pressure test, and the owner is better to participate in the test to see if there is any leakage. At the same time can splash a pot of water in the bathroom to see if there is no water phenomenon.

Electricity is also an important project. The industry mainly requests the professional electrician of the decoration company to carry out power inspection. When the owner accepts the inspection, the lamp can be turned on to see if the power supply is on. See if the power supply is normal, and if the problem is found, it can be repaired in time.

Wood quality must be environmentally friendly

The quality of the wood can be observed by seeing whether the paint has a color difference, whether it has a falling phenomenon, and whether it has a pungent odor.

Wall formation is very important

Whether the wall surface is smooth or not is also an important project. In addition to affecting the appearance, uneven walls are also more prone to cracking. The owner can look at the naked eye and check with the ruler to see if the inside corner is square and there are problems.

Cleaning work should be supervised

Finishing decoration should require decoration company to do a good job of cleaning, the standard is clear and bright, iron bright, no dust indoors, general decoration company should use a vacuum cleaner for final cleaning.

Environmental monitoring is best done

After the acceptance of the decoration, we must promptly ventilate. In the winter, it is best to be between 1 noon and 3 pm. If there are irritating smells after 5 days, it is better to do environmental monitoring. It is necessary to emphasize that the best furniture is not to be fast. Move in so as not to cause liability problems caused by unqualified air quality.

If you choose to strengthen the wooden floor or parquet, it is best to choose the regular brand of qualified products, do not pursue low prices, due to low-cost floor caused by unqualified air quality problems have occurred, the decoration company will not bear the responsibility.

In addition, the national environmental protection standard is not more than 8 milligrams of formaldehyde per cubic meter. It is best to control about 4 milligrams per cubic meter before the furniture is moved in, so as not to exceed the standard after moving into furniture.

Therefore, the decoration program should be as reasonable and concise as possible. The more complicated and luxurious the decoration, the more likely it is to have hidden dangers. At the same time, it is necessary to select building materials with low levels of harmful substances and avoid excessive single substances in excess of the hazardous substances. The total amount of harmful substances in the room exceeds the standard.

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