Decoration acceptance: acceptance of paint

Acceptance of paint

(1) Whether the surface of furniture oil is saturated or not. Make sure there are no blisters, no cracks, and that the paint thickness is uniform and consistent in color.

(2) Whether the surface of the furniture varnish has the same thickness, the paint surface is saturated, clean and free from particles.

(3) Whether the emulsion paint on the wall surface is flat and reflective, there is no emptying, blistering, cracking phenomenon.

(4) Wood and plasterboard ceiling paints are generally latex paints and should have a smooth surface with no cracks at the board joints.

(5) Whether the connection of the ceiling angle line is smooth, there is no obvious wrong and distortion.

(6) The wallpaper patchwork is inaccurate and does not tear. Patterned texture patches should be accurate and error-free.

(7) Whether there is no pollution on the wall surface, no stain exists.

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