Dandong aluminum grille market analysis

Dandong aluminum grille market analysis Dandong aluminum grille market has been relatively mature after several years of development, and more and more emphasis on foreign trade exports, especially to the DPRK, frequent trade with South Korea.

Dandong is a port city developed in recent years. Because it is located at the junction of North Korea and Russia, and is oriented to South Korea and Japan, its export advantages are obvious. In the past few years, the aluminum grille c market has become more mature in Dandong but the price is not ideal. Therefore, many foreign trade companies began to export aluminum grill products to North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Russia. Especially for the export to the DPRK, from 2012 to the beginning of 2014, the export value of aluminum grille reached 12 million yuan. This is even greater than Dandong's local aluminum grid demand. It is foreseeable that foreign trade in the future Dandong aluminum grille market will be an important part.
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