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To solidly promote the process of rural firefighting in the whole city and improve the overall ability to resist fire in rural areas, Dalian Public Security Fire Fighting Detachment, based on practical and perfect measures, strives to improve firefighting equipment , focus on infrastructure construction, responsibility implementation, supervision and enforcement, firefighting propaganda, and rescue system construction. Five aspects to start, fully build a summer rural fire safety "protection net."

Strengthen the firefighting propaganda system

For the characteristics of multiple fires in rural areas and weak farmers' awareness of fire prevention, the fire department of Dalian Municipality, in conjunction with the “Five Entering” activities for firefighting, actively organized firefighting service teams, including officers and soldiers, fire-fighting volunteers, and grassroots police stations, to engage in rural firefighting activities. Actively organize the fire brigade supervisors to go deep into townships and villages, hang the fire safety publicity panels in a conspicuous position in the villages and villages so that the villagers can browse and study; hand out fire safety manuals to the villagers, explain common knowledge of fire prevention, and comprehensively improve the fire protection of the villagers. Safety awareness and fire prevention self-rescue capability; use of rural closed-circuit television, cable radio and other media to broadcast firefighting propaganda into rural CD-ROMs to promote knowledge of prevention and suppression of various fires in rural areas, further improve the awareness of villagers' safety prevention, and lay a solid foundation for rural fire prevention and disposal. basis.

Strengthen the police station fire supervision enforcement service

The rural fire supervision work mainly depends on the grassroots police station, and the fire supervision work of the police station is an important part of the rural fire supervision work. It is necessary to take the advantages of broad distribution of grassroots public security police stations, familiarity with the people, and deepening the masses as the key link in the rural fire protection work. The Dalian Public Security Fire Fighting Brigade has greatly improved the fire supervision and management work of the police station, further assigned grassroots police stations with more fire supervision and management functions, increased the business training for grassroots police stations, improved the quality of the rural police firefighting service in rural police stations, and regularly checked rural police stations. Guide and make full use of the characteristics of multiple police stations, wide areas, and familiar conditions to fully mobilize their advantages in rural fire prevention work, actively increase the effective supervision of rural police on rural fire prevention work, and improve the weak links in rural fire prevention work. Extending rural fire supervision and radiation.

Strengthen the construction of fire fighting and rescue work system

Dalian Public Security Fire Fighting Brigade actively strengthened its combat readiness and preparedness, conscientiously implemented its daily life system, and resolutely prepared personnel, equipment, training, and duties, and made full preparations for “extinguishing fires and fighting”; The equipment will be thoroughly overhauled and maintained to ensure its completeness and ease of use. It will continue to improve its fire fighting and rescue operations capabilities and effectively prepare all the preparations for rural fire fighting and rescue. At the same time, give full play to the role of the rural compulsory fire brigade, organize officers and men to conduct regular guidance, continue to strengthen the quality of rural fire brigade fire fighting and rescue services, and fully improve the city's rural fire safety conditions, so that rural fires can be effectively saved in the first time, consolidate the rural Fire safety barrier.

Strengthen the implementation of fire safety responsibility

Dalian Public Security Fire Fighting Brigade actively reported to the government the implementation of the fire safety responsibility system, and urged all levels of government to incorporate rural fire protection work into the government's important work agenda, establish a sound rural fire management organization system, strictly implement the fire safety responsibility system, and strengthen infrastructure construction. Strengthen the fire safety publicity and education efforts so that there are people in the rural fire protection work, and some people are responsible for ensuring that the responsibility is fulfilled. At the same time, to further strengthen the implementation of the responsibility system for rural firefighting, form a new pattern of fire protection work in which the government has unified leadership, the departments are responsible for joint management, the unit is fully responsible, and the masses actively participate in the firefighting work. The government’s firefighting work responsibility system is established as the core, from the top down to the bottom. The firefighting team has signed the responsibility statement for the firefighting work, clearly defined the tasks and objectives, and realized the goal of the rural fire prevention work that the government takes the lead in, and the departments are linked to each other.

Strengthen the construction of fire protection infrastructure

The Dalian Public Security Fire Fighting Brigade actively reported to the government to include fire protection planning in the overall planning of rural construction to ensure that the basic construction meets the requirements for fire protection planning and construction. In particular, fire prevention infrastructure such as fire water sources and fire exits in rural areas should be implemented simultaneously with other infrastructure construction. We will vigorously improve and improve the construction of public firefighting facilities in rural areas. The detachment fully coordinates and cooperates with water conservancy departments, regulates the construction of water sources, builds fire fighting pools, and vigorously strengthens the construction of water intake facilities for natural rivers, ponds, reservoirs and other natural water sources, actively strengthens the construction of township fire hydrants, and gradually solves problems of fire water supply. Effective Strengthen rural fire prevention and control capabilities, and truly achieve a harmonious and sustainable development of rural fire protection construction and socialist new rural economic construction. This article how to strengthen the fire provided by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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