Create a healthy home environment for cute babies

How happy is a cute baby at home, always thinking about giving the baby all-round care and not letting him get a little hurt. However, it is the nature of the baby, and they are curious about everything. They like to run around the house. How can we create a healthy and safe growth environment for our baby?

Note 1: Light pollution

The baby's bedroom needs suitable and sufficient lighting, but if the light source is used improperly, it is easy to cause light pollution.


Avoid light pollution, Mom and Dad can use multi-light source combination design, for example, the ceiling lighting should be brighter, the wall light and desk lamp should be softer, so the baby's bedroom will not only have the best light, but will not cause light pollution, affecting the baby's myopia development.

Note 2: accidental collision

The corners of the baby's furniture may scratch the baby's head. Collapsible tables and chairs are often a "dangerous source" and may be pinched when moved.


Moms and dads should avoid choosing angular furniture when buying furniture for babies. The blunt obtuse angle prevents baby from accidental bruising. However, if the home has been purchased with angular furniture, then parents must use cotton or professional protective corners to wrap these edges, so as not to hurt the baby.

Note 3: Too many allergens

Some parents worried about the baby's bedroom floor is too hard, will be on the ground covered with carpets, wool fabrics, etc., to prevent the baby from falling, and some parents are not afraid of the baby's favorite filling, feather toys, as long as the baby likes it Buying home, even the little ones holding these toys to sleep at night, parents will not interfere. Little do they not know that these items can easily lead to baby allergies, so that the baby appears sneezing, runny nose, cough and other allergic symptoms.


The floor material of the baby bedroom should be far away from materials such as allergy-prone carpets. If parents worry that the little guy will play on the floor and cause bumps, clean the floor and put on small quilts. The baby can play safely and stay away from allergens. Can kill two birds with one stone.

Children's room decoration

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