Coumarin hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin

Coumarin compounds have many functions, such as anti-tumor, antiviral, anticoagulant, relaxing smooth muscle, absorbing ultraviolet and anti radiation. They can be used in drugs and coatings. Because of its low solubility and poor thermal stability, it limits its application to some extent.

Cyclodextrin (CD) and its derivatives, as a good fat soluble drug carrier, have always been the focus of research. Hydroxypropyl - beta cyclodextrin (HP- beta -CD) has smaller nephrotoxicity than beta -CD, and HP- HP- -CD has been widely applied in drug inclusion technology. When the coumarin and HP- beta -CD formed a inclusion complex, the solubility in water increased greatly, and the number of solubilization reached 10.1 times. As drug molecules, water soluble coumarin has important practical significance to improve, when drug molecules involved, the physicochemical properties of dissolution will improve, improve the bioavailability, and reduce irritation and toxic side effect on the human body, the release rate was properly adjusted.