Cork flooring is more expensive

Cork flooring is known as "the pyramid of the floor consumption." The price of cork flooring is higher than that of composite flooring, which is lower than the more expensive wood flooring. Cork flooring has an excellent advantage: soft, good foot feel and fatigue resistance. It can greatly reduce the pressure caused by long-term standing on the back, legs and ankles of the human body. For the accidental fall of the elderly or children, it can greatly increase the buffering effect to reduce the damage of the fall to the human body; the cork floor can Greatly reduce the noise pollution that people walk on; bare feet walk on the cork floor and feel warmer. In addition, among the many flooring products, the color of cork flooring is unique.

In general, quality-qualified cork flooring has high-strength wear resistance, is very resistant to friction of pulley furniture, and has good resistance to compression and re-recovery. Although the furniture legs are small in contact with the ground, the furniture is heavy, and the cork flooring will be partially sunken. However, due to the special structure of the cork itself, it has the ability to restore the original shape after compression. After the furniture is removed for a period of time, The depression will gradually return to level. At the same time, due to the advancement of modern processing technology, cork flooring maintains the soft and elastic feeling of the feet, the characteristics of the elderly children falling down will not hurt, can also withstand the normal friction of modern home life or public places, due to the special surface treatment of cork flooring Will not leave traces due to friction.

The production process of qualified cork flooring products is very rigorous. The cork bark undergoes a series of “experience” processes before being processed into the floor. The hot pressing process makes the granular cork material a stable and balanced whole, although Cork is inherently tiny with airbags, but the treated cork has become pure cork pellets, which are then rearranged together in an artificial hot press to form a new structural system that is cured with an adhesive, so that the cork particles are also internally The structure of the airbag is maintained, and for the outside, it is completely dense and closed, and does not seep and seep, and the cork floor which reaches a certain water content is not easily deformed by moisture, and does not hide dirt.

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