Copper Door and Lock: Channel Terminal Docking

Copper Door and Lock: Channel Terminal Docking
The exquisite decoration and bronze art of Tongmen won the people's favorite. The increasing living standards make people's acceptance of Tongmen gradually increase. Then, what kind of copper door locks do the manufacturers choose to use with their own copper doors? From which sources do they obtain copper door locks?
Terminal docking, brand lock has the advantage compared with the general security door, the copper door is more decorative, or hollowed out, or forged, or embossed various patterns and auspicious patterns. In addition, some manufacturers still combine the decorative elements of Western architecture with the large range of Chinese styles to create a Chinese-Western bronze door.
In terms of practicality, the copper door is also far more durable than any ordinary door. It has no problems such as deformation and cracking. It not only has strong anti-theft performance, but also has a service life several times longer than usual. In this way, with its unique exquisite craftsmanship, luxurious and elegant appearance and durable and sturdy quality, Tongmen has become the preferred product for financial systems, financial archives, residential buildings and warehouses.
Of course, the price of Tongmen is not low. In general, the price of the copper door is determined by the size of the door leaf, the thickness of the door panel, the complexity of the carved decoration, and the level of locks. The door leaf area is large, the thickness of the copper plate is thick, and the carving is complicated. The price is naturally high. Then, in order to match the specifications and grades of copper doors, in addition to coordinating with the appearance of bronze doors, the anti-theft performance must match that of copper doors. Therefore, copper door locks cannot flow from price or quality. In usual. The brand locks for the manufacturers, it means quality protection, so the famous door, Yajie, top brand locks and other manufacturers become the first choice for many manufacturers.
Brand + personality + service to achieve lock-enterprise and door factory terminal docking At present, the copper doors on the market have basically been matched with the coordinating locks, consumers do not need to buy. There are basically two ways that manufacturers can choose the right locks and copper doors: First, the door factory and the lock companies cooperate. Manufacturers in the production of copper doors, according to their own requirements lock companies make locks, and do a variety of decoration on the locks, in order to match their style of production of copper doors. There are also a lot of door manufacturers due to increased brand awareness, began to play their own brand hardware door locks, directly from the hardware factory OEM processing. Century Center Longbao giant dealer Mr. Xiong told the author, including the copper door, including the anti-theft door, such as Panpan, Kincaid, Bida, Dragon Fort, etc., are basically manufacturers with mandatory hardware, the factory had With locks and other hardware accessories. Even if the manufacturers do not produce locks, they will find dealers to purchase matching locks for installation. "Currently, from a nationwide perspective, the more well-known company that produces and matches doors and locks is the Shenzhen Changneng Company, and it is the only one," said Xiong.
The second is that manufacturers go directly to the market to find lock dealers and purchase matching locks. The bronze door is suitable for rubbing into cultural factors, which also determines that the locks it is equipped with must be personalized and artistic. Therefore, many manufacturers spread their nets in the market to find suitable locks. Many lock dealers said that manufacturers have come to shop to buy copper door locks. For lock dealers, 100% of distributors value and are willing to cooperate with the door companies, but only 20-30% of them can truly achieve long-term cooperation with door companies. The most critical factor is that door companies are Personalized, fashionable, artistic, and differentiated requirements.
So, how can we achieve long-term cooperation with portal enterprises and do a good job of terminal connection? Lock enterprises can start from the following aspects: First, take the brand line and achieve branding. As mentioned above, copper doors as the high-end security doors, their locks will not be able to flow to normal, many manufacturers will choose to have strength, product quality protection brand locks. It is understood that the demand for high-end locks in China in the next five years will exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, lock companies should work hard to develop new products with high technology and high added value. On the basis of vigorously improving product quality, it is necessary to increase brand cultivation. It can be said that the importance of brand strength should be the consensus of many lock companies.
Second, we must cultivate personalized and artistic products. At present, Tongmen is not only a security door, but also a work of art. Therefore, lock companies must make sufficient efforts in the design of locks, increase research and development efforts, cultivate personalized, artistic products, and achieve product differentiation to attract the eye of the door factory.
Second, formulate sales policies, set up local offices or send sales representatives to provide good communication and services for door companies, and coordinate the interests of themselves and door companies and distributors to achieve a balance. The current competition is not only the competition in price, quality and brand, but also the competition in service. Therefore, in order to obtain long-term cooperation with door companies, lock companies that can provide high-quality products and provide high-quality services will have a great advantage. While providing comprehensive and meticulous services, lock enterprises must also find a balance point to coordinate the distribution of benefits between door-level enterprises and distributors, and allow themselves to make money for door companies and distributors.

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