Consumer reminder to buy paint "six steps"

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First of all, to choose a regular brand of coating products or formal channels for purchase, coating products are not only related to the aesthetics and comfort of the living environment, but more importantly related to the health of the family, can not covet small profits;

Second, we must look at the barrel body, the genuine packaging is fine, and the pattern printing is clear. The counterfeit barrel has poor printing quality, the outline of the theme pattern is not clear, and the color and the real barrel are different;

Third, to check the edge of the lid, the genuine should have no traces of scratches or opening. The fake goods have obvious opening marks and the edges of the barrel cover are scratched;

Fourth, to check the label, the printing of fakes will not be clear, defective or repeated pasting. Look at the product identification code, and repeat it is suspected of impersonation;

5. To test the quality of the product, the paint should have no obvious pungent odor. Stirring paint is fine and uniform, no agglomerated objects or attached fine particles;

Sixth, we must check the final effect, and find out the problem to feedback or communicate with the merchant in time. If the circumstances are serious, we must promptly appeal to the quality supervision department to protect our legitimate rights and interests.

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