Construction Information (3.30): Copper and Aluminum

The "Risk Warning" section of the journal aims to describe the risk of long and short positions through the icon of the star flag. It can be used as a reference for investors when dealing with open positions. In practice, investors need to trade according to their own short-term lines. Different strategies and different varieties of fluctuations in the characteristics of a specific grasp. The specific star classification criteria are as follows: ☆ The reverse run range of new-year closing price may be less than 2%. ☆ ☆ The reverse run range of new-term closing price may be greater than 2%. ☆☆ ☆ The price range is reversed from the newer closing. The rate may be greater than 3%. ☆☆☆☆ The reverse run of the period from the newer closing may be greater than 4%. ☆☆☆☆☆ The reverse run of the period from the newer closing may be greater than 5%. Risk Warning: Bulls: ☆ Short Risks: ☆ Tips before the market: Orient: Copper: The LME market resumed trading yesterday. The sharp decline in copper stocks in China last week indicates that China’s copper consumption is still strong and the US dollar is weakening. Yesterday the LME copper in March showed a trend of a sharp decline. It closed at 3231.5 USdollars per ton, up by US$16.5/tonne from the previous trading day, with fluctuations ranging from US$3250.5 to US$3,217/tonne. LME copper inventories fell by 525 tons to 44,600 tons yesterday. In the foreign exchange market, yesterday’s US In March, the World Federation of Confederations consumer confidence index fell to 102.4 from 104.4, which caused the U.S. dollar to fall under pressure but was supported by the 5-day moving average. From the perspective of April 1, the U.S. employment data and inflation data will be released, which will be the key to guiding the U.S. dollar. Therefore, before the release of the data, the U.S. dollar may show a turbulent trend. The corresponding LME March copper was not broken before the box was broken. We can still only see high swings. Yesterday the domestic Shanghai copper showed a shocking trend of decline, the domestic spot price is still strong, 506 contracts in the 10-day moving average to get support, yesterday's spot price reported 34420 ~ 34570 yuan / ton, the operation is still mainly in intraday short-term. Aluminium: LME March aluminum futures rallied on a downtrend yesterday, closing at 1939.5 USdollars per ton at the end of the session, and rushing to the 1946 US dollar at a higher level, gaining support at the 5-day MA and short-term graphics are still seeking support. Yesterday, LME aluminum inventories fell by 3,325 tons to 505,625 tons. Yesterday, the domestic Shanghai aluminum continued to show a shocking trend, which was mainly driven by copper prices. The trading volume maintained the balance of these two days and the pattern of intraday volatility will remain unchanged in the near future. Yesterday the domestic spot price rose slightly to 16510~16,530 yuan/ton. Operation should use the intraday oscillation short-term operation. Overseas Express: LME Market Report: London, March 29: An analyst said that the sharp decline in copper stocks on the Shanghai Futures Exchange offset the impact of a stronger U.S. dollar/European Round. Three-month copper on the London Metal Exchange. The contract closed higher on Thursday. The Shanghai Futures Exchange weekly inventory report shows that last week's copper inventory decreased by 15,409 metric tons to 21,462 tons, indicating that China's demand is strong, and LME copper stocks have been reduced by 525 tons to 44,600 tons, which also supports the rising trend of prices. Although the strength of the US dollar has affected buying interest, copper prices have remained strong throughout the day. A trader said that before the pricing activity in the previous quarter was confirmed, the buying interest of traders began to decrease and the trading range fell into a narrow range. He said: "When we hold the reverse spread, the fund seems to be very satisfied with holding long." Copper's inverse price difference remains at 154.50 US dollars / ton. The zinc price in the previous cycle fell by about 5%, but the price was stable at about 1,330 US dollars/ton, and the support was at 1,300 USdollars/ton. The three-month zinc futures of LME fell 2.00 US dollars from the closing price on Thursday. COMEX copper market report: New York, March 29 news: A slight softening of the US dollar stimulated speculative copper futures buying. As a result, copper on the New York Mercantile Exchange (COMEX) closed higher on Tuesday. European traders returned to the market after Easter holidays. On Tuesday, COMEX 5 month copper rose 160 points to close at 147.05 cents/lb. The trading range was 146.35-147.80 cents, with 5,174 lots traded. COMEX5-month copper was opened higher by 100 points on Monday. Due to the slight softening of the US dollar, copper subsequently rose rapidly to a high of 147.8 cents. Due to the lack of follow-on buying, the price of the stock fell back to below the 147-cent mark early in the morning, and then stayed below that point for most of the time. The stock market was pushed by the fund to close above 147 cents. Traders expect the May copper futures to trade at a range of 144 to 148 cents in the near term. A significant change in the USD trend could lead traders to change their direction.