Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed nano self-cleaning coating and can save 50% labor cost

The reporter learned from the Hefei Institute of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that experts from the Institute of Technical Biology and Agricultural Engineering of the Institute have successfully developed a new type of nanomaterial. Experiments have shown that incorporation into paint can reduce the dust stain on the paint surface by more than 50% and save manual cleaning. The cost is more than 50%. After accounting, the cost of nanomaterials to be added per ton of paint is only 5,000 yuan. The project was completed by the Wu Zhengyan Research Team of the Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the research results were recently published on the Applied Clay Science, a core journal in the field of clay materials.

At present, the traditional coatings used in building materials, vehicles, and pipe network trusses are vulnerable to rain and contamination. Repeated cleaning consumes a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. Field work at high altitudes also endangers personal safety and becomes an urgent problem to be solved in the coatings field.

According to Wu Zhengyan, self-cleaning coatings not only effectively isolate rainwater, but also the dust on the surface of the paint can flow away with rainwater. The two preparation methods commonly used in the market have their own defects: the photodegradation method is only applicable to the sunlight environment, there are problems such as short coating life, low dust removal efficiency, etc.; the traditional hydrophobic method has high cost, low efficiency, poor stability, and secondary Pollution and other issues.

According to reports, the research group used physical modification of natural nano-clay as the main material, after organic modification, to prepare a super-hydrophobic nano-composite material, the material as a auxiliaries added to the coating in a certain proportion to prepare a self-cleaning coating. The technology can also effectively reduce the electrostatic adsorption capacity of the paint surface to dust and significantly enhance the anti-dust performance of the paint.

Wu Zhengyan said that compared with traditional technologies, new technologies have broad market prospects: most of the raw materials are natural materials, with low cost and environment-friendly features; when preparing coatings, the addition process is simple, and production conditions do not require high temperature and high pressure, and moderate energy saving; The prepared auxiliaries have strong thermal stability and light stability and are suitable for most paints.

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