China's first Ebola virus protection equipment has been successfully developed

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is spreading, in order to prevent its further spread to the country. China's Institute of Military Medical Sciences Institute of Health Equipment has successfully developed positive pressure protective hoods, positive pressure protective clothing, negative pressure isolation disposal tents, negative pressure isolation transport cabins and other equipment, and invested in Sierra Leone and Mali epidemic areas in Africa for Chinese aid. The medical test team and the peacekeeping medical team built a life barrier.

The researchers have successively tackled key technologies such as high-efficiency filtration, ventilation purification, dirt sterilization, negative pressure micro-environment control monitoring and human body elastic close-up, successfully completed the demonstration and development and trial production tasks, and timely filled the gap of domestic high-level biological protection equipment. .

The series of protective equipment developed this time are independently developed and fully meet the requirements of Ebola epidemic situation on-site emergency prevention and control, and the main performance indicators meet or exceed the level of international similar products.

The positive pressure protective hood and positive pressure protective clothing are mainly used for the high-level protection of the head and face and the whole body of the person who is exposed to or may be exposed to the virus, which can effectively protect the life safety of the medical staff. The negative pressure isolation disposal tent and the negative pressure isolation transport compartment are mainly used for emergency treatment and isolation transportation of patients infected with Ebola virus. The unique pressure difference real-time monitoring system can accurately maintain the negative pressure environment, effectively prevent virus spread and filter. The efficiency can reach 99.99%.

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