China's ceramics transformation and upgrading hope for policy assistance

On November 15, the European Union issued an announcement to impose a temporary anti-dumping duty on ceramic tableware originating in China, with a tax rate of 17.6% to 58.8% and an implementation period of six months. Among them, the tax rate of 398 responding enterprises was 17.6%~31.2%, and the tax rate of not participating in the responding enterprises was 58.8%. In February this year, the European Commission announced an anti-dumping investigation against ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils exported from China to Europe. More than 2,000 companies involved in the country waited for nine months, but they got such a "bad news." It is understood that the EU usually imposes a tariff rate of about 13% on daily-use ceramics imported from China. According to the relevant EU procedures, the vote on the import tariff of Chinese ceramics will be carried out on May 15 next year, and the final result can be valid for up to 5 years. The EU has harmed others. In February this year, the European Commission issued a notice announcing an anti-dumping investigation against ceramic tableware and kitchen utensils exported from China to the European Union. This is the second anti-dumping investigation initiated on Indonesian ceramic tableware after Indonesia initiated an anti-dumping investigation on Chinese ceramic tableware. It is also an anti-dumping investigation against Chinese ceramic products after the EU imposed a high anti-dumping duty on Chinese building ceramics last year. . The relevant person in charge of the China Light Industry Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Ceramics Branch said that the current meeting and the prosecution are working hard, especially the Chamber of Commerce, and are on the behalf of the industry to step up the work of non-invasive defense, "but because we are not Understand some of the ideas of the prosecution, so the final result will have to wait until May next year." Zhao Chunyang, general manager of Shanghai Margolongte Bone China Co., Ltd. told the International Business Daily: "Our company has been greatly affected. The orders signed by the customers have changed in terms of shipments, and they have been reduced to zero. This time, the EU imposed a temporary anti-dumping duty of more than 26% on our company, which directly led us to cancel the trip to Europe to participate in industry exhibitions this year. Now we only develop emerging markets, but we are still exploring the experimental stage.” China Daily Zhang Yi, the overall anti-dumping defense lawyer in the ceramics industry, believes that according to the new tax rate, a large number of Chinese ceramics companies will be eliminated from the EU market. At present, only 300 to 400 daily-use ceramics companies in China have the strength to continue exporting to the EU. Previously, 2,000 to 3,000 daily-use ceramics companies in China were active in the EU market. Radio France International reported on November 15 that European importers and producers expressed disapproval of the measure. Importers believe this will affect consumers' choice of goods; producers say it will force them to look for foundries in countries such as Vietnam and Sri Lanka. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industry and Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce said that the EU ceramic industry hopes to suppress Chinese products from entering the EU by imposing anti-dumping duties on Chinese products. Implementing trade protection will not only damage its own interests, but will also lead to China’s entry into the EU’s products has risen sharply. Consumers in the EU will be deprived of the right to purchase the products they need at a reasonable price, and the vast number of importers and retailers will also become victims because of a significant reduction in turnover. Joint innovation and transformation between the government and the people The EU has frequently launched anti-dumping measures against Chinese ceramic tableware, mainly because of the EU itself. However, some experts have warned that the Chinese ceramic industry also needs to face up to the difficulties in development. Han Xiushen, an associate researcher at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, told the International Business Daily that China's exports of ceramic products frequently encounter trade frictions, which is an inevitable stage in China's export-oriented economy. "Ceramic products are traditional Chinese export products with strong international competitiveness. They account for a large proportion in the international market and have a certain influence on the international market prices, which will inevitably lead to trade friction." She believes that Chinese ceramic products The history of export development can be seen as a microcosm of China's foreign trade development. In the future, with the transformation and upgrading of ceramics export enterprises and the improvement of export competitiveness, trade remedy investigations initiated by emerging economies and some developing countries will also be encountered. “Because the technology, labor resources and the high efficiency of government administrative services provided by Chinese export enterprises are unmatched by other countries. In the face of competition from Chinese companies, trade barriers are the means they usually use to deal with. In addition, China There is also a certain excessive competition in the ceramic industry, and it is necessary to regulate the export order.” Under the heavy containment, the export situation of China's ceramic industry is grim. How to get out of a new road in the cracks has become a top priority for the ceramic industry. Judging from the current grim situation, ceramic export enterprises should actively respond to complaints and rely on industry organizations to gradually overcome difficulties. To cope with the difficulties requires civil and official efforts. As one of the responding companies, Zhao Chunyang, general manager of Shanghai Margolongte Bone China Co., Ltd. also strongly urged: "I hope that the relevant government departments can pay more attention to the ceramic industry like the photovoltaic industry. After all, we are labor. Intensive industries still play a big role in solving labor employment and benefiting people's livelihood," he said. "The British government recently introduced an industrial recovery fund to help the country rebuild the ceramic industry. The cost is too high, and it is difficult to achieve without government support."

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