Chemical control agents commonly used in soybean production

The use of chemical control cultivation of soybean can regulate the growth and development of plants, which is conducive to increasing flowers and pods and increasing yield. The chemical control agents and technologies commonly used in production are as follows.
1. Paclobutrazol: The plant can be dwarfed, the stem becomes thicker, the petiole is shortened, and the leaf function period is prolonged, which is beneficial to ventilation and light transmission and prevention of lodging, and can simultaneously cure soybean mosaic disease and increase production. Application method: During the branching of soybeans to the initial flowering stage, 20-25 kg of paclobutrazol solution of 250 ppm is sprayed on the mu, and sprayed a second time at intervals of 7-10 days.
2, increase production spirit: increase production of spirits, also known as 4-iodophenoxyacetic acid, is a plant growth stimulant; in the period from soybean to flowering, use 20 ~ 30ppm to increase the production of 50 to 75 kg of spirit solution, spray 7 to 10 days apart Once, a total of 2 sprays can increase the number of flowers per plant and reduce the loss of flower pods.
3. Sodium bisulfite: It can effectively reduce the respiration intensity of plants and reduce the consumption of dry matter. Application method: 8 g of sodium hydrogen sulfite per acre, 50 kg of water, spray once in the initial flowering stage and full flowering stage of soybean.
4. Rare earth: In the soybean seedling stage and the initial flowering stage, spray each time with a rare earth solution having a concentration of 0.03 to 0.04% and 0.08%, respectively.
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