Changes in the pattern of domestic hardware industry

Changes in the pattern of domestic hardware industry With the expansion of the hardware market, hardware industry parks have been built all over the country. As a new economic phenomenon, more and more people have drawn attention and attention. Further intensified investment attraction for hardware projects and obtained more relevant information, laying a solid foundation for subsequent investment promotion work.

China has gradually become a major exporter of hardware in the world and is currently accelerating growth at an average annual rate of more than 10%. Behind the rise is a hardware business more and more difficult to do, the price of electricity increased, raw materials rose, the overall cost of a serious excessive, exceeding the part of it is difficult to pass downstream. When the hardware profits are gradually compressed, many hardware vendors have realized the seriousness of the problem. In order to achieve long-term development, we must re-select new markets.

At present, China has stepped into the top 5 of the world's hardware-producing countries. This is undoubtedly of great significance. In this regard, China has become the main force for world development and can influence the development direction of the world's hardware industry. We all know that our country has always been a country with a hegemonic rank, but we must also know that China has always been the strongest country for imports and exports. Therefore, China also has a consumer market, and the promotion of the national economy is very huge.

The key to further expanding and strengthening the hardware industry is the transformation and upgrading. Industry insiders pointed out that the hardware market in China is changing from supply exceeding supply to oversupply, forcing market competition to shift from price-based to high-quality, high-tech content. Under this circumstance, transformation and upgrading are inevitable in the future industry development. With the deepening of the competition among related companies, the profit space in each stage of the hardware industry chain has been compressed, and the space for price reduction is decreasing. At the same time, the requirements of the international market for China's hardware products have also gradually changed, and there will be higher requirements for the quality, packaging, and delivery deadlines of China's hardware products, and even gradually extend to the production process and product development.

China's hardware industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, and it is difficult to compete with large companies in Europe and America in a short period of time. It is even more necessary to give full play to the group's competitive advantages in the industrial clusters and to use the unique specialization and cooperation functions of the clusters to strengthen the entire The competitiveness of the industry itself occupies a place in the global market.

Give full play to the government's guiding support role, create a good environment for the development of the hardware industry, increase the support for major infrastructure, enterprise technological transformation and independent innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and small and medium-sized enterprises, and introduce some effective policies to encourage enterprises to develop their brands. Help companies conduct new product development and technological innovation. Such as the establishment of innovative compensation mechanisms, through the implementation of tax incentives to offset the cost of investment in R & D companies.

With the rapid development of the hardware industry, the competitiveness of the hardware industry has become an inevitable trend. China needs to increase its own strength in the hardware industry, starting from the market foundation, focusing on sustainable development and achieving a virtuous circle.

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