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Absorption refrigeration is carried out by using a binary solution composed of two substances as a working medium. These two substances have different boiling points at the same pressure, wherein the high boiling component is called an absorbent and the low boiling component is called a refrigerant. There are two commonly used absorbent-refrigerant combinations: one is lithium bromide-water, which is usually suitable for large central air conditioners, and the other is water-ammonia, which is usually suitable for small air conditioners.

Barbecue Wire Mesh refers to the use of metal mesh processing, used in hotels, restaurants, barbecue shops, picnic, camping, military, tourism and other activities of pasta, meat, fish barbecue, and steaming, smoked and other appliances. The main features of the barbecue grill netting are high temperature resistance, no deformation, no rust, non-toxic, tasteless and easy to use. In addition, our company can design and produce according to the customer's shape and style.

Classification: According to the shape is divided into: round flat barbecue grill mesh, round concave Barbecue Wire Mesh, square plane barbecue net, square concave bbq mesh

According to the material is divided into: galvanized iron wire barbecue grill netting, galvanized steel wire barbecue mesh, stainless steel barbecue net.

Material: Disposable material: Galvanized redrawing wire

Disposable mesh edge material: tin plated iron sheet (also known as tinplate)

Repeatedly use barbecue mesh material: medium carbon steel wire, stainless steel 304.

Surface treatment: Zinc plating, electrolysis, polishing, chrome plating, nickel plating, copper plating and other processes.

Barbecue Wire Mesh

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