Calling parameterized standard parts to complete the assembly process and reuse automatic assembly

The standard part templates in the library generally have two forms: one is a standard part family template with different specifications; the other is a standard part template stored in the library. In CAD software, their instantiation process is generally different. In UG, these two different template forms use different methods when modeling. For the parts of the standard parts family, the partfamily method is used in the modeling, and the parts with different sizes in the standard part family are established as an instance; during the calling process, the instantiated standard parts are among them. An instance of a member. For another form of template file, a general modeling method is used; during the calling process, the template file is modified to a certain size and then cloned to the current assembly directory. Next, this will not affect the template file in the standard parts library.

Reusable assembly design for assembly relationships is critical and cumbersome throughout the design process. If the Shandong aeration head is completely determined by the user to determine the assembly relationship and assembly parameters, and manually complete the entire assembly process, it is easy to make a leak or error, especially in the assembly design with a large number of components. In recent years, a large number of researches on automatic assembly have been carried out on this issue at home and abroad, and methods such as automatic assembly based on parameterized components and assembly based on assembly features have been proposed. The method used in this paper is to encapsulate assembly knowledge in the design process, including assembly relationships and assembly features, and call parametric standard parts to complete the assembly process, that is, automatic assembly based on assembly relationship reuse. An assembly feature is a collection of assembly-related geometric information and assembly properties in a standard part.

The machine monitor has the functions to display various items and the functions to select modes and electric parts.

The machine monitor has a CPU (Central Pro-cessing Unit) in it to process, display, and out-put the information.

The monitor display employs an LCD (LiquidCrystal Display). The switches are flat sheet switches.

Monitor Panel

Monitor Panel

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