Buy children's furniture selection to pay attention to the order

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How to choose the right children's furniture has become a problem for many parents, not only to be safe and comfortable, to meet the size of the room, but also to take into account the child's preferences.

Choose the order of furniture

“Parents should choose children's furniture designed according to ergonomic principles.” Tianjin Home Furnishing Market Chamber of Commerce experts suggest that the size of the furniture should match the child's height and the child's age and body size, so that the child will be Feel comfortable when used, which is good for their healthy growth.

Visiting and discovering that the order of purchasing children's furniture is very particular. Generally, children's chairs should be selected first, and then the appropriate table should be selected according to the size of the chair. The person in charge of the house said that the seat is highly suitable. When the child is sitting on the seat, the seat should be flush with the knee, the feet can touch the ground, and the legs are 90 degrees. When choosing a table, the table height should be flush with the abdomen.

“If you can adjust the desktop of the children's table, you need to pay attention to whether the adjustment degree is scientific and reasonable.” The person in charge of the house is told that when the child writes on the desk, he often needs to take the items above the table. Moving on the table is not good for your child's back. A table that is tilted to the inside of the child's body is more beneficial to the back. The person in charge also suggested that when choosing beds for children over 3 years of age, it should be considered that they are growing faster and the size of the bed should be left.

Pay attention to the product "growth"

Children's rooms need to meet the needs of children's play, study and rest. If the size of the children's room is small, you can choose some combination furniture. For example, the bed above can be used for children to rest, and the bottom is designed as a bookshelf and a writing desk to become the learning space for children. At the same time, the ladder of the children's bed is combined by the storage cabinet. Into, you can place clothes, this one-of-a-kind product saves a lot of space for the room.

“Children have different needs at every stage of their growth. If they change their furniture for each period, it is not realistic for most families.” Jimei’s homeowner suggested that parents choose children’s furniture. Must pay attention to the "growth" of the product. Preferred are those that are suitable for both preschoolers and those that continue to be used after school. For example, you can add a high-legged crib under the bed. When the child is 3 years old, they can turn the crib into a medium-high bed. They can also be equipped with a slide for them to play at home, waiting for the child to grow to six or seven years old. There is also a desk under the bed.

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