Bupleurum pests and diseases are playing a significant role in prevention and treatment at that time.

Bupleurum pests and diseases occurred in some villages in Fengzhou and Hekou Towns. The Science and Technology Bureau attached great importance to the county plant protection experts, and went to Guoansi Village of Fengzhou Town and Houjiahe and Anhesi Village of Hekou Town to carry out prevention training for Bupleurum pests and diseases to strengthen prevention and control awareness. Improve prevention and control technology, and understand common knowledge of pesticides . More than 200 people from two towns and three villages engaged in Bupleurum cultivation participated in the training.
At the training meeting, the county plant protection expert Zhang Huilong gave lectures on the prevention and control of Bupleurum pests and diseases, and elaborated on the current situation and trend of Bupleurum pests and diseases, prevention and control technology, use and maintenance technology of motorized sprayers, and planting at the meeting. Large families have asked various experts to ask questions on the spot. The training session has a warm atmosphere and good results. At the meeting, the Science and Technology Bureau also issued more than 100 copies of the newly printed "Bupleurum Pest and Disease Prevention" program.
Bupleurum pest control:
1. Yellow Swallowtail: It belongs to the Lepidoptera family, and it is harmful from June to September. The larva harms the leaves. Flower buds, eat into nicks or only pedicels.
Control method: artificially kill or use 90% trichlorfon 800 times liquid, spray once every 5 to 7 days, for 2 to 3 times. The pesticide net is recommended to use 300 times liquid spray of green worm (10 billion per gram of spores).

2, root rot: mainly harm the roots of Bupleurum, rot and wither and die.
Control methods: clean the field, burn the diseased plants, plant sorghum, pay attention to drainage. Disinfect the soil, remove the diseased plants, and disinfect with lime acupoints.
3, spot blight: rainy season, with 1:1:100 Bordeaux liquid spray control.
4, rust: caused by fungi, endangering the leaves, the diseased leaves are slightly uplifted, and later broken orange-colored spores.
Control method: After harvesting, the Qingyuan burns, and at the beginning of the disease, spray 50% dinitrogen disperse 200 times liquid or enemy rust steel 400 times liquid, and play once every 10 days for 2 to 3 times.
5, red bar 蟓: belongs to the Hemiptera spurs, the damage occurred from June to August. Adults and nymphs absorb juice and make plants grow poorly.
China Pesticide Network recommends: artificial killing or killing with 90% trichlorfon 800 times liquid.

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