Breakthrough in safety technology of coal and oil symbiosis mines in western China

Recently, the results of the 2014 China Coal Industry Association Science and Technology Awards were released. The research results of the “Key Technology of Coal Mine Oil and Gas Co-production Mine Coupling Disaster Prevention and Control” jointly signed by Shaanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. were awarded the first prize. prize. This indicates that Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group has made a major breakthrough in the safety technology of coal and oil symbiotic mines in western China, and has overcome major technical problems in the safe production of coal and oil symbiotic mines in the world.

The proven reserves of coal in the Huangji Luoji coalfield are 13.92 billion tons, which is a good power coal and gasification coal. However, the geological mining conditions are complex, and gas, oil, gas, fire, water and other disasters occur frequently, which seriously threatens the safe mining of coal mines. To this end, Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group organized relevant scientific research units to jointly tackle the problem, built a coal-fired oil and gas symbiotic mine coupling disaster prevention and control early warning system, and created a coal-oil and oil symbiotic mine coupling disaster coordination prevention and control technology system, and achieved significant social and economic benefits.

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