Bionics: Search and rescue robots like locusts came

With the rapid growth of science and technology dynamic ever-expanding sphere of human activity and dangerous work needs to realize the danger zone rescue robot to complete the work and nature friendly exchanges between the robot and rescue operations and other technical personnel quickly and accurately, attention gradually, search and rescue robots in danger Regional field rescue work has very great practical value. Recently, the Israeli research team issued a bionic robot with search and rescue capabilities.

The facts have already proved that the insect world is an important source of inspiration for robotic engineers. A research team at Tel Aviv University in TAUB (ORTBraude University of Tel Aviv University) inspired the movement characteristics of locusts in the natural environment and developed a technology that can use 3D printing technology. Efficient jumping robots, although the device is only 5 inches long and 28 grams in weight, but it can jump to 3.4 meters high, jumping horizontal distance of 1.4 meters, jumping ability to pull out the group, the team said the technology can be applied to search and rescue operations. Scientists also hope to add gliding structures to it to extend the robot's range of jumps.

This compact robotic hard carbon rod makes legs and uses springs, small batteries and a microcontroller, and an ABS body that is printed in 3D. Researchers have applied it to jumper robot designs by studying the perfect spring mechanism that locusts have evolved over billions of years. The entomopathy of locusts is divided into three stages. First, the hind legs are bent, and then the leg muscles are gradually tightened under the premise of keeping the hind legs bent. Finally, the bent legs are quickly released to complete the bounce. The robot achieved amazing jumping ability by imitating these processes. Researchers believe that this compact robot can be used in search, rescue, and reconnaissance missions on rough terrain.

Whether the robot's final implementation path is based on bionics or computer science is not yet conclusive, but the emergence of this bionic robot is always good news for security and rescue.

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