At the beginning of the renovation, the customer shall check the materials on site and check the delivery content.

The pre-construction has been completed. What customers should check the material and delivery content?

The client, designer, project supervisor, and construction manager will participate in the four-party discussion. The designer will explain the budget items, drawings, and special techniques to the construction manager on site and coordinate the relevant procedures. Home decoration decoration is based on human harmless decorative materials, in accordance with the decorative design requirements that can reflect the principles of practicality, safety, economy, and beauty. With a scientific and technological process, the hexahedron fixed in the interior of the family home is decorated and decorated to create an aesthetic appearance. Practical and concrete overall comfortable indoor environment. Then the customer should check what materials and delivery content.

On-site inspection of materials and delivery of content : ground decoration, the ground is an important part of the home, it is renovated, mainly in color, texture patterns and other aspects of decoration to change. Test the material for strong odor to test the environmental protection of the material.

On-site inspection materials and delivery content II : wall decoration. The wall decoration is the facade decoration. It can be decorated by various methods such as plastering, painting, painting, inlaying and screen hanging to check whether the wall surface is smooth and the color is uniform.

On-site inspection materials and delivery contents 3 : ceiling decoration, ceiling decoration is the use of a variety of materials for a variety of ceiling-free or ceiling ceiling construction. At the same time, necessary plumbing, ventilation, lighting, sound and other equipment must be set up to check whether the installation location of these equipment is reasonable and whether it will affect the convenience of life in the future.

On-the-spot inspection materials and delivery content four : furniture and other home equipment settings. The setting of furniture, various household appliances, and sanitary equipment is also an important part of home improvement.

On-site inspection materials and delivery contents 5 : setting of other items. It mainly includes home furnishings, calligraphy, potted flowers and other settings. Sometimes, these items can have a good decorative effect on interior decoration.

On the spot inspection materials and delivery, we must also pay attention to whether the following three aspects of room decoration are:
(1) To make up for the insufficiency after the completion of the civil construction, taking into account the rationalization of life, the reasonable partition of the space, the dynamic and static environment and its frequency of use are arranged in an orderly manner, which makes the occupants' life easier.
(2) To enhance comfort and aesthetics, decoration home should be based on the principles of beauty, comfort, cleanliness and convenience, and strive to be simple and elegant.
(3) To express self-personality, and to select the decoration style of the room according to the family members' experience, personality, hobbies, and cultural qualities, fully reflecting the individual's personality.

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