Applying manure to see four

Crops with long-growing crops and high-yield seasons, such as corn, potato, sweet potato, cotton, and hemp, can be applied to semi-fertilized manure. For crops with shorter growth periods, compost with higher maturity should be used.

Look at the soil properties of sandy soil due to good permeability, manure is easy to decompose, can apply semi-fermented manure, but the sand soil is poor in fertilizer, so each dose should not be too much, and applied deeper. For the sticky soil, the decomposed manure should be applied. Because of the good fertilizer retention, the dosage can be larger, and it is not suitable for ploughing.

Look at the climatic conditions in areas with low rainfall and low temperatures, or seasons, it is advisable to choose the fermented manure and deepen the tillage. For areas or seasons with high rainfall and high temperatures, semi-fertilized manure can be applied and turned slightly.

See the semi-fermented manure of fertilizer nature, only the base fertilizer application, the decomposed manure can be used as the base fertilizer and can be used as the seed fertilizer and top dressing. After the top dressing, the soil must be covered to avoid the loss of fertilizer.
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