Application of MasterCAM in Numerical Control Experiment

At present, digital control technology and CNC machine tools have brought tremendous changes to the machinery manufacturing industry. CNC technology has become the basic technology for automation, flexibility and integrated production in the manufacturing industry. Computer-aided design and auxiliary manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing technology agile manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing are all based on numerical control technology. CNC technology is not only an indispensable material means to improve product quality and improve labor productivity, but also an important indicator of a country's comprehensive national strength. The competition in the machinery manufacturing industry in the new century is actually the competition of numerical control technology. Based on the importance of numerical control technology in the mechanical manufacturing industry, some key universities in China have successively opened numerical control courses in mechanical engineering in the 1970s. However, due to the limitations of teaching conditions, many institutions can only impart theoretical knowledge, but cannot Theory is put into practice. It is impossible to cultivate students' practical application ability, such as CNC programming ability, CNC machine tool operation ability and system maintenance ability, and can not cultivate students' CNC technology development ability. Students who have been trained in this way can not complete the task of application and development of numerical control technology independently after they graduate from work.

Engineering and technical education is now in the reform period. As we all know, the purpose of teaching reform is to cultivate modern engineering and technical personnel with high quality, wide caliber, thick foundation, wide adaptability and strong ability. In terms of numerical control technology, there are several ways for students to acquire this ability: First, there is a suitable internship base, but it is difficult to do this in the current domestic situation; second, the school uses limited funds to invest in CNC machine tools, processing The center built a teaching experimental environment. Such equipment is expensive, that is, using a large amount of money to buy back two units, both in terms of quantity and cost safety, is not suitable for students' popular teaching and experimentation. Even if such teaching and experiment centers are built, the practical application efficiency and effects are often not ideal. Therefore, how to improve and improve the experimental environment of numerical control technology courses, so that students can learn to practice, combine learning and use, is a very big problem facing the teaching of numerical control technology.

As mentioned above, the numerical control technology course is a very practical course. If you leave the practice, you can't talk about quality. Practice is the fundamental condition for knowledge transformation and sublimation into quality. In order to achieve the desired teaching and practical effects, it is not enough to implement all-round teaching in the classroom. It should also have a good practical teaching environment. Taking into account the price of the numerical control equipment mentioned above, after many investigations, we have selected a US CNCsoftware that can be manually programmed and automatically programmed on a computer, can dynamically simulate the machining path, and has a good data interface with the CNC machine. The company's PC-based masterCAM.

Auxiliary design and auxiliary manufacturing software. Using this system, we did the following work:

First, manual programming with masterCAM, and program verification

The manual programming of the NC program is the tomb foundation of the computer automatic NC programming. The automatic programming of the CNC machining by the application computer is also converted into the NC program code through the Post processing. As a numerical control technical talent, it is not only the application of numerical control technology, but also the developer of numerical control technology. Therefore, to make students aware of it and know why, hand T programming is an important way for students to familiarize themselves with and master the basic principles of NC programs. However, the NC instructions are boring and difficult to remember, and the programmed programs cannot be realized. The students' interest in learning is not high, and they do not have the practical hands-on training. At the same time, the same part is programmed, and there are many kinds of programs written by the students. It is very difficult for the teacher to correct the work and check the students' mastery. This problem was solved in the masterCAM system: as long as the NC code was entered into the system, the results of the NC program were visually simulated by machining the track check.

Second, set the process parameters, define the mold processing technology

Use the CAD drawing modeling function in the masterCAM system to draw and generate a 3D part model, or use the data interface provided by the system to read the part model data made in other CAD systems, and then comprehensively apply what has been learned such as "Machinery Manufacturing". Relevant knowledge of courses such as "Technology" and "Metal Cutting Machine Tool", select appropriate processing methods, arrange the processing steps of parts, and determine the tooling and cutting amount of different machining surfaces corresponding to roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. After the parameters such as the advance and retract path and the spindle speed, the system automatically calculates the machining allowance and dynamically displays the tool path and machine code of the different machining surfaces corresponding to roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. I went to the trouble of artificially programming the NC program. This process combines numerical control programming, manufacturing technology, cutting tools, CNC machine tools, CNC machining and other courses organically, so that students feel that the previously learned knowledge is no longer isolated and boring, and has achieved integration in the numerical control technology course. It becomes vivid and visual on the computer, which consolidates the knowledge of students' processing technology and strengthens the effect of using the mastercam system for numerical control teaching.

Third, using the masterCAM system to simulate the computer-calculated tool path

MasterCAM's unique simulation function enables 3D real-time dynamic simulation processing. Each student has the opportunity to simulate machining, saving time, materials, and equipment investment. During the simulation process, the tool is dynamically processed along the defined machining path. Students can intuitively grasp the process of CNC machining, judge the continuity and rationality of the tool path, whether there is tool interference, air knife collision, etc. Whether the knife position computer is correct or not, deepens the students' understanding of the machining process and the understanding of the tool path. By comparing the processed results, the students understand the different tool path trajectories, and the machining results are very different. In essence, the definition of the machining tool path is reasonable, and the students are familiar with the mastery of the parts processing technology. relationship. Students can use their creativity and comprehensive ability to re-model parts or redefine the tool path for unsatisfactory machining results, enabling virtual juice and virtual machining.

4. Using the masterCAM system to convert the tool path into a CNC machining program, transfer it through the computer machine tool interface, and control the CNC machine tool for actual machining.

The work done in the previous work is carried out on a computer. It is difficult for students to link the NC program with the actual processing. The general understanding is that they stay in the theoretical knowledge, and the perceptual knowledge is insufficient. The training link of the actual application ability is not enough. Therefore, if conditions permit, the student will transfer the NC program of the part to the CNC machine through the data interface to control the machine tool for processing. In this process, NC programs, CNC systems, and data interfaces play a very important role. As a numerical control technology development talent, you should be proficient in the basic knowledge of CNC programming, data communication, interface technology, etc., and get the corresponding hands-on training.

We believe that the functions of CNC laboratory should be multi-faceted in addition to meeting the teaching needs, and can also carry out research on scientific research projects, improve the professional level of teachers, and provide services for production research, and actively carry out foreign technical training and technical services, as well as undertake Processing tasks, etc., to obtain certain economic benefits, to improve laboratory conditions, promote normal teaching and research activities, and promote teaching reform and curriculum construction.

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