Analysis and solution to the causes of bending of stone sawing

Most of the granite stone cutting uses the diamond stone disc sawing machine, which has a simple structure, strong sawing and maneuverability, and can cut the blocks at will according to the process. However, in the process of use, sawing sheet bending has always been the biggest headache for enterprises, and it is also the most difficult problem to solve.

The first form of stone sawing and bending is that the flatness of the sheet appears very poor in the length direction of the sawing, which is called left and right bending. The second form of stone sawing and bending is that there is a very flatness in the sawing depth direction, which is called up and down bending. At present, the experience of some stone factories is worth learning: when the sheet is bent, the amount of the lower knife is appropriately reduced, and the horizontal cutting speed is increased; when the left and right bending occurs, the amount of the lower knife is appropriately increased, and the horizontal cutting speed is reduced. obvious. Therefore, in daily production management, it is necessary to strictly implement the mature cutting process. When the phenomenon of bending is present, the in-depth and meticulous investigation and analysis of the cutting process and implementation should be carried out first, and the rectification opinions and preventive measures should be proposed, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

It is generally believed that the main reason for the stone cutting and bending is that there is a direct relationship between the saw blade (finished product) and the quality of the disc saw machine, and the development and execution of the sawing process during the customer's processing. In addition, it is related to the running quality of the saw machine and the installation and maintenance of the sawing machine, and the cooling and lubrication of the cutting process.  

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