Aluminum foil production knowledge

[China Aluminum Industry Network] Aluminum foil production with tape production method of a small thickness of up to 0.0025 mm, width of 1800 mm. The aluminum foil rolling is no roll gap rolling, and the roll is always in an elastically compressed state. During rolling, the thickness of the foil is controlled by adjusting the rolling force, rolling speed and control tension. In the rough rolling, the rolling force is used to control the thickness of the foil; in the finish rolling, the thickness of the foil is reduced as the rolling speed increases; the larger the tension is, the smaller the thickness is; in order to prevent the fragment, the tension is usually selected as the foil The material has a yield strength σ0.2 of 0.2 to 0.4. For low speed rolling, “thick oil” or “thin oil” is often added to the lubricating oil to adjust the rolling thickness of the aluminum foil. Lubricants and roll conditions have a very important influence on the foil quality. The aluminum foil blanks are from cold-rolled aluminum coils and are generally pre-annealed at 340-480°C and have a thickness of 0.4-0.7 mm. The duct deformation rate during rolling is about 50%, and the total deformation rate can reach 95% or more. Foil with a finished thickness of less than 0.01 to 0.02 mm should be rolled and double rolled.

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Controller Dimensions : 85×124×600mm

Weight :12 kg

Maximun leaf weight :150 kg

Open range : 70°~115°

Closing speed : 10~43 cm/s

Door hold time :0.5~10 seconds

Main Power :AC 220V~250V,50~60 Hz

Maximum current :1A

Maximun motor power:55W

Wait Power :14W

Fuse :Minimum 3.5 ASlow

Operating Temperature : -30℃ ~+50℃

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