All kinds of exquisite fireplaces warm up your whole winter

Originally used in Western countries, the fireplace has a decorative effect and considerable practical value, and is highly popular in Northern Europe. According to the culture of different countries, it is divided into: Finnish style, Russian style, American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace, Spanish style, etc., so the shape is different.

In recent years, many homes have installed fireplaces, which are basically installed in the indoor living room. The design of the fireplace can create a warm and pleasant living environment, but it is rare to use the European fireplace for efficient heating. Below, Xiaobian will take you to enjoy a few beautiful fireplaces.

Omori American solid wood fireplace without core D010-BL

Omori American solid wood fireplace does not contain core D010-BL, mainly electric fireplace, which replaces the traditional fire-burning fireplace. The living room environment is cleaner and suitable for the whole family to warm together.

Warren family French solid wood fireplace

The Warren family's French solid wood fireplace inherits the exquisite luxury of French furniture. The interior of the fireplace is designed to be open, so you can dress it up yourself or choose the right furniture, such as an electric oven or microwave.

Meibao Meiluo furniture solid wood European D-05 fireplace

Meibao Meiluo furniture solid wood European D-05 fireplace, a pure solid wood fireplace, the appearance of the design is a door-style, the surface of a large number of carvings, and painted with gold, instant full of room brilliance, expensive and aggressive. The interior is designed to be open and can be filled with personal touches.

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